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Coaching Tips

Simon Sinek’s Viral TEDTalk -- “Start With Why!”

In his first TedTalk – one of the most viewed ever – Simon Sinek explains that the most inspirational communicators all think, act and speak exactly the same way, and it’s the opposite of everyone else.  Watch his talk and get inspired to communicate more compellingly!

To persuade, we must Fight For People, Not Things.

Watch this video to understand how to Engage to win by identifying the vulnerable hurt by the affordable care act, and the vulnerable helped by changes to it

To persuade, we must connect. Watch This Brené Brown Video about Empathy to Understand Why

The single greatest asset we have as a communicator is our ability to listen with empathy. That's because empathy fuels the kind of connection we need to engender trust. 


Stories don't have to take long. Count the stories in the last 30 seconds of this video

When you frame your story properly, and establish the Hero and the Inciting Incident, the audience will fill in the rest.

too often, bad policies devastate the very people they purport to help. identify them and fight for them

To understand the tragic consequences for the vulnerable of the Affordable Care Act -- the product of an orgy of lobbying, backroom deals and parliamentary trickery that benefited special interests at the expense of citizens -- watch this video.

The story of Carrie Duncan Couey and Kelly Couey is heartbreaking.....and avoidable if Colorado's senators had believed their role was to represent Coloradans' interests in Washington, not Washington's agenda in Colorado.

It's also a commentary on Colorado's Amendment 69 (state-run healthcare), which would have been equally devastating.

Want to learn how to have civil discussions? watch Jonathan Haidt's illuminating and helpful TEDTalk 

In America today, political prejudices are deeper and stronger than racial prejudices, he says. "So if you want to escape from this, read Buddha, read Jesus, read Marcus Aurelius. They have all kinds of great advice for how to drop the fear, reframe things, stop seeing other people as your enemy. There's a lot of guidance in ancient wisdom for this kind of empathy."

Watch an E2W workshop attendee put it all together as she makes a persuasive "fairness" argument about Voter-ID laws

Be Magnanimous in your political discourse - It's Essential to Preserve our civil society

Each of us has the potential to push forward the forces of good if, in our political discourse, we are kind and thoughtful, not dismissive and contemptuous.

Imagine how much easier it would be to reach the persuadable if we could summon the magnanimity of Abraham Lincoln, who addressed an audience including slave supporters in his Second Inaugural, imploring "With malice toward none, with charity for all."

Identify the vulnerable hurt by the affordable care act. In order to fight for the vulnerable, we must first identify them