Engage To Win

     MenTOrs in the art of persuasion

What we do 

In our increasingly polarized, hyper-partisan era, opinion-making is cheap and common, but persuasion is a valuable art form.

As mentors in the art of persuasion, Engage to Win (E2W) teaches how to inspire and motivate an audience – even  its skeptics – to follow your lead, not based on what you say, but on what they hear.  The truth is most people are persuadable if approached the right way, a unifying reality awaiting quality leadership to forge.

Why Persuasion Training? 

We all have the capacity to be better leaders through more compelling communications. E2W's goal is to help you make every conversation an opportunity to connect to people, drawing your audience closer to your ideas and vision.  

Learn how to own your audience by making your communication more persuasive and impactful. Whether an every-day leader in your community, workplace, or family, or a prominent leader in business, politics or media, you can communicate more winsomely and effectively, reflecting your best self and bringing out the best in others.

E2W's interactive training - whether group or private - will help you find your best voice and approach for communicating your views and values. E2W training will give you the ability to:

  • Earn credibility and trust by connecting, not arguing
  • Become more winsome, compelling and influential
  • Spread your ideas, values and priorities “beyond the choir”
  • Elevate your stature and become a role model
  • Improve your brand and reverse damaging misperceptions stemming from prior inartful communication
  • Find agreement by inhabiting common ground
  • Effectively avoid conflict by opening hearts and minds

Engage To Win SErvices

 I. Persuasion Training - Group or Private Coaching

ll. Persuasive Strategy Development

III. Customized Persuasive Messaging