Each of us has the power to make a positive impact within our circle of influence: family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers who cross our path.

What we need is to be ready to make each conversation truly persuasive.

That is what Engage to Win is all about.

Engage to Win will inform, inspire and motivate you to be more persuasive. It will help you make everyday conversations an opportunity to attract people to a compelling vision for America.

The program focuses as much on how we communicate as on what we say.

  • Use the power of storytelling
  • Learn to pivot to persuasive messaging
  • Rise above the negativity and debunk false narratives
  • Move beyond the clichés and bumper sticker slogans
  • Anchor on values that ring true for everyone
  • Become a role model for others

This  interactive workshop offers skill building, live practice and a chance for you to find your best voice and approach for communicating your views and values.

Importantly, these are not debate skills; they are genuine engagement skills.

Become more winsome.

Become more compelling.

Make a real difference.