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Israel Persuasion Workshop:

The workshop was powerful, very well organized and kept me engaged from start to finish. Melanie’s work is entertaining, inspiring and empowering because it teaches participants how to engage and communicate with those who are persuadable; those who may still be willing to participate in a conversation about Israel if they sense that we are coming from a place of compassion for all people, and that we are truly listening to their questions and concerns as well as the concerns of even Israel’s most hardened antagonists.

Doug Weiser, Israel Persuasion Workshop attendee

As a freshman at Santa Clara University last year I was confronted by Students for Justice in Palestine and their persistent efforts to recruit “social justice warriors” to join them in demonizing and delegitimizing Israel and anyone who dared to support the Jewish state. I was shocked by the propaganda, distortions and lies they published online and the material they posted around campus. Participating in the Israel Persuasion workshop this summer gave me a new perspective, new tools and renewed enthusiasm with which to engage as an Israel supporter/activis. I learned that we had been trying to reach the wrong people!  The goal is not to change the hearts and minds of SJP - they will not be persuaded.  The goal is to identify and connect with the “persuadables” - the ones who haven’t fully made up their minds, who are willing to have a conversation if they are approached in a way that makes it clear that social justice, security and prosperity for all sides are actually driving the Israeli narrative. Melanie’s program offers specific tools and techniques for communicating compassionately, while still making a strong case for Israel that at best will win new supporters and, at least, encourage those who are undecided to realize that aligning themselves with SJP radicals may not be the best choice.  

Sam Weiser, Santa Clara University student


General Persuasion Workshop:

In this time of incivility and disrespect in our public discourse, Melanie Sturm presents an alternative – showing us how real leadership is about persuasion.  It doesn’t take much intellectual rigor to simply call the other side “stupid,” but you can persuade them by showing them how it is in their best interest to see things the way you do.

— Jennifer Schubert-Akin, Chairman and CEO Steamboat Institute

Totally superb and truly transformative!! Wow!

– Ginni Thomas, Groundswell Chair

When it comes to communicating and convincing people about a better way forward, with common sense and proven principles, Melanie Sturm is one of our best advocates. Having witnessed her Engage to Win program and its easy to deploy lessons, I urge others to run -- not walk -- to learn persuasive communications from her.

– CO Congressman Scott Tipton, CD3

Melanie is the face of a winning future and a persuasive voice for us.

  – Former Colorado Senate President John Andrews

Melanie is a is a brilliant communicator who, through her newspaper columns and public speaking, argues effectively and persuasively for the ideas on which the betterment of American lives depend.

–  Former CO Congressman Michael Coffman, CD-6

Melanie Sturm is one of the clearest thinking and articulate influencers in Colorado, and beyond. Her breadth of understanding of major issues and ability to formulate and communicate solutions is exceptional. Melanie is a rare talent, indeed!

– Former CO Congressman Bob Beauprez, CD-7

 I want to encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend Engage to Win persuasion training to absolutely avail themselves. I am a current candidate for the position of Boulder County Commissioner, and was able to utilize the skills I learned the next day at a candidate forum sponsored by a women’s group. I was much better able to connect with the audience, finding common ground and answering their questions in a fashion that minimized conflict with the questioner.

County Commissioner Candidate Gary Cooper          

I'm so grateful that I attended the Engage to Win seminar led by Melanie Sturm. As a candidate for the Colorado House, I know how important it is to make a positive first impression on the constituents in my district. Melanie provided me with new tools to engage voters by talking 'with' citizens instead of bombarding them with talking points. Subjects we covered included asking questions instead of making declarative statements, letting voters know the benefits of policies by focusing on fairness and compassion, illustrating policies with stories instead of facts and figures, and moving away from issues of disagreement and instead discussing issues where agreement is possible. Melanie offered real-life examples of potential arguments and how to respond with compassion and understanding. The seminar featured a plethora of valuable information. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone running for office and to their surrogates. It is a valuable tool for any campaign. 

Dahlia Jean Weinstein, Candidate CO House District 41.