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Engage to Win (E2W) focuses as much on how we communicate as on what we say. Whether addressing your audience in a boardroom, from behind a microphone or podium, or in everyday discourse, E2W has programs designed to make you more winsome and successful communicators. These services can be mixed and matched to suit specific goals, audience size and training duration.  E2W offers a number of programs to help you and your organization communicate your ideas more effectively, designed to meet your budget, your schedule, and your goals.

I.Persuasion TraininG: Group or Private Coaching

Whether via interactive group workshops or private coaching sessions, E2W offers flexible skill-based training, and the live practice necessary to improve your message and strengthen your voice.


  • Introduction to Persuasion Principles —  a brief overview of persuasion principles and skills, perfect for shorter meetings. 
  • Intensive Persuasion Workshop — our flagship training for small or large groups focuses on intensive skill building. Depending on audience size and workshop duration, we fold in Persuasive Strategy Development services (described below), helping participants learn and practice more advanced persuasive communication skills, strengthening their capacity to meaningfully connect with and influence people. 

Customized Private Coaching: 

  • E2W offers a full suite of individualized persuasion instruction tailored to unique needs, audience, goals and circumstances. Whether one-on-one, or with your staff and surrogates, we can train you and your team to be more effective and compelling communicators with your target audience, while helping you craft Customized Persuasive Messaging on any topic or goal, as described below. 

II. Persuasive Strategy Development

Whether taught in a group or private session, E2W's persuasion program can be customized to address specific issues and unique circumstances and goals. Predicated on the truism that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care, E2W's persuasive strategy development focuses on cultivating effective change agents, teaching you how to: 

  • Develop a compelling “why,” like the most inspirational communicators
  • Become an engaged listener which is necessary to earn the trust of your audience
  • Identify and engage “persuadables”
  • Use “I hear you” body language
  • Effectively confront those who disagree
  • Deploy the power of story-telling by honing personal stories that are relevant, relatable and persuasive
  • Pivot away from conflict to persuasive messaging

III. Customized Persuasive Messaging

Written Communications: Drawing on our persuasive commentary expertise, E2W can develop customized issue-oriented messaging, framed to appeal to “persuadables.” Thanks to our capacity to master even the most complex issues, E2W can help you create persuasive messaging -- for your website or other written communications -- on any topic or goal, drawing your audience closer to your perspective, and your objective. 

Interview/Speech Preparation: We can develop your talking points and craft your spoken communications, in E2W style.  If you have a "townhall" style meeting with constituents, shareholders or employees, we can prepare you to be your best most persuasive self, while avoiding common pitfalls.

E2W Performance Critiques: Send us a video of your communications performance and we will send you our constructive feedback, including what you did well, and what you can improve upon.  

Confidentiality is a top priority. Engage To Win does not publish the names and affiliations of clients, or share this information without approval. If you are interested in Engage To Win services, we will gladly provide references, upon request.